We as an extended engineering arm to our customers in Railways sector provide product design support via optimized CAD/CAE environment which also includes product validation support via best practice CAE methods to assess performance and tackle problems with respect to complex physics, material behaviour represented in product functionality.

  • Digital benchmarking (Reverse Engineering  CAD  FE  Testing & Correlation  Database)
  • Product digitization and associated design automation
  • Rail Bogie Structure Design (Interior and Exterior- Styling- Modularity)
  • Floor Design
  • Suspension design
  • Axles Design (Front & Rear)
  • Coach Architecture
      - Detailing, drafting, migration & conversions (CAD) and design automation
      - Mathematical modeling of systems for simulations (CAE - FEA, CFD)
      - Digital Mock up (DMU)

Specialised Services - CAE solutions

  • Vehicle ride comfort, Noise & Vibration assessment
  • Structure-worthiness for Durability & Impact-worthiness
  • Flow & Thermal characterization (CFD)
  • Motion simulation
  • Aero and Fluid flow induced acoustics
  • Topological and weight optimization

Testing, Correlation and Homologation