AES masters different simulation and finite element analysis domains to help our customers get the most of their products. We perform the calculations according to several Standards and Codes used in the industries we serve (Euro code 3, AISC, ASME IV, RCC, ECE, FMVSS)

Experimentation lies at the heart of every company’s ability to innovate...

...Computer simulation doesn't replace physical prototypes as a cost - saving measure; it introduces an entirely different way of experimenting that invites innovation.

Arnish completely believes in the philosophy and follows the path to help the customer.

FEA Structural calculations

  • Linear and non linear analysis
  • Natural Frequency ,modal analysis
  • Structural Stability and buckling analysis
  • Durability and Strength Analysis
  • High Cycle and Low Cycle Fatigue calculations
  • Steady state and Transient Thermal Analysis
  • Piping stress analysis
  • Process equipment analysis with Specific Codes
  • Field failure analysis
  • Strength calculations heavy structure
  • Crane FEA analysis with various codes
  • Thermal analysis

CFD Simulations

  • Thermal-structural and thermal-fluid analysis (coupled)
  • Fluid flow analysis, analysis
  • Pressure drop and velocity vectors for complex systems
  • Performance map prediction and optimization of rotating machines
  • Modeling of sprays, Multi-phase analysis (cavitation, mixing etc)
  • Cooling simulations for electronic circuits, battery cooling etc
  • Flow and heat transfer simulation of electrical machines
  • External Aero-dynamic simulations for vehicles
  • Fuel tank slosh analysis
  • Gas leakage and its spread simulation
  • Air condition air flow simulation

Advanced simulations

  • Crashworthiness analysis for FMVSS and ECE standards
  • Rollover Analysis for the transpiration vehicles
  • Multi body (Rigid body) simulations
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Forced response analysis – Harmonic, random excitation (PSD)
  • Transient dynamic analysis (shock load analysis)
  • NVH (noise vibration and harshness analysis)
  • Non- linear analysis for various applications