A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a defined as a motor vehicle or trailer, other than an agricultural vehicle or a tow truck, built for a purpose other than carrying goods such as a mobile crane, a concrete pump or drill rig.

A SPV that does exceed one or more of the general mass and dimension limits set out in the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading)

  • Fire fighting trucks
  • Over size Trailer
  • Crane Mounted Trucks
  • Heavy Duty machines carrier trailers
  • Cash Carrier Vehicles
  • Concrete carrier Trucks
  • Higly Hazardous and inflammable fluid carrier vehicles

Increasing in the demand of reliability, safety, efficiency of vehicles/equipment's for agriculture, construction and mining, which has led to drastic change in technological development in the SPV vehicles & equipment industry which AES takes it as opportunity to utilize our expertise in the domain to solve the industry problems.

AES with its team of specialists, with deep technical knowledge and application experience in the domain is ideally placed to support its customers, towards the development of unique technological solutions and support their entire product design lifecycle.

AES engineering team comes from diverse backgrounds and brings different perspectives to the table, helping deliver concepts that are innovative, productive, reliable & energy-efficient, while being practical from the application stand-point.

One of our key differentiator is our integrated experience in hydraulics, mechanical, electrical, simulations, reliability engineering support services, which helps us in achieving optimized products and solutions, in line with our customer’s requirements.