Structural Engineering plays very pivotal role in successful Plant Engineering as cost and availability of land has become great concern for customers. AES’s Team is proficient and adaptable to customer requirements based on local condition.

Our engineers are capable to understand and articulate load condition such as Wind, Seismic, Vibration etc. and its applicability in various different codes such as IS, BS, ACI, AISC, AS, SAN.

We are having in depth experience Civil & Structural analysis using various tools such as STAAD, Nastran , Ansys, etc.

Our Structural designers understand the optimization requirements to reduce the structural weight , which in turn results in direct savings in Plant construction time and cost.

We have successfully executed and delivered optimised structures in various sectors such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Energy (Renewable & Non Renewable), Food and Beverage, Petro-Chemicals, pulp and paers etc.

AES CSA Services Offering

  • Complete Analysis and Design of All Plant Structures
  • All statutory Architectural Drawing as per requirement of local approving body
  • Analysis and Design
      - Quantity Estimation (BOQ) Blast Resistant
      - P Delta Analysis
      - Finite Element Analysis
      - Dynamic Analysis
      - Analysis for Wind Tunnel Forces
  • GA & Detailed drawings - Steel
  • Detail Quantity Estimation (BOQ)
  • Detailed GFC ( Good for Construction) Drawings
  • GA & Detailed drawings - Steel
  • Technical Specifications
  • Design Calculation Reports
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Tender document and Cost estimates
  • Fabrication Drawings