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Wind energy

Arnish Engineering Service (AES) unique 'end-to-end solutions' business approach is designed to take care of every aspect of wind energy projects – from initiation and installation to management and maintenance.

AES ensures that the wind turbine generators (WTG) perform at their optimal levels at all times and deliver maximum plant load factor (PLF) to generate highest returns on investment for the customers.

AES end-to-end solutions model revolves around giving the customer a complete package – right from the planning stage to maintenance of the wind turbine throughout its lifecycle.

AES approach is driven by value engineering and cost reduction that gives a competitive advantage to customers and increases the profitability of the project.

AES predominantly contributes and support the worldwide customer in the following R&D and product strategy and Product engineering
  • Development & Integration Certification
  • Development & Integration Design & Product Engineering Innovation & Strategic Research
  • Blade Design and Integration
  • Design & Product Engineering
  • Turbine Testing & Measurement
  • Technical Field Support Blade Engineering
  • Design & Product Engineering (Gear Box Team)
AES has in house competencies and help our customer around the world in the following systems and sub-systems level
  • Main housing design and calculation for the robustness
  • Hub design and calculation for the wind drag and lift
  • Rotor blade profile design for the optimal resistance and carry out CFD simulations for its performance.
  • Tower design and calculations for the strength and wind load
  • Tower mounting and foundations design
  • High speed shaft design and calculations
  • Gear box housing design and gear train deign
  • Main housing and tower connectivity design
  • Drive Shaft design and calculation

AES has in house competencies and help our customer around the world in the Turnkey project services