ARNISH.........the word which in Devanagari means “ Lord of Seas” and to us is a symbol of self respect , having strong managerial skills for an organization . It encourages us to explore new frontiers with traditional wisdom will advise against and to create new opportunities and success.

We are an engineering-focused dynamic growth oriented company which is based on it’s learnings & relationships will deliver superior value to all our stakeholders (associates, customers, investors and suppliers) and contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities we operate in.

We have an excellent willpower, ability and ambition to build a large, professionally managed organization that will emerge as a leader in the engineering space.


To be among the leading best-value engineers to the world delivering engineering & related products and services resulting in efficiency and reliability for our customers, pride for our associates, high returns for our investors, and energy efficiency for our planet.

Core Values

Our positive attitude, teamwork, humility, and shared vision to build a large, professionally-managed firm shall be the driving force behind our success.

We will be ethical, cost-conscious, open, and respectful in all our dealings and will be committed in doing quality work.

All our associates will learn to be a good leader, both in thought & business and will be receptive to new ideas and information.

We shall value & build long term relationships and will be resourceful in meeting all commitments & challenges