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Solar energy

Arnish Engineering deals in the following industries and its applications for installation and mounting design to produce the required heat from the Solar Energy.

Solar Heating

Solar Thermal Systems work on principle of converting the Sun Rays in to heat – Thermal Energy. Solar Energy can be efficiently and cost effectively used to replace Electric Power, Fossil Fuels & Biomass.

Applications - Industries Hotels Hospitals Residences

Solar Steam Boilers

Solar Energy can be efficiently and cost effectively used to conventional Steam Boilers to replace Electric Power, Fossil Fuels & Biomass.

Applications - Pharma, Food & Beverages Solar Cooking Textile Laundries Industries Hospitals

Solar Cooling

Solar Cooling systems use thermal energy from the sun or other heat sources to produce cold air/water.
Heat from Solar Collectors used in Absorption or Adsorption process along with Heat Pump. Solar PV Modules can provide additional energy for Heat Pump.

Applications - Industries Hotels Hospitals Offices Residences

Sludge Drying

Sludge drying by Solar Heat, optimizing evaporation conditions, aeration and turning

Applications- Industrial ETP Sludge Municipal Sewage Sludge

Solar Cooking

Sun provides clean energy for Direct and Indirect cooking at a fraction of cost of fossil or Biomass fuel.

Applications - Industries Hotels Hospitals Communities Temples Schools & Colleges


  • With each new enquiry, the MMS Selection , Design & Estimation is a challenge for AES and our expert deal with the complex situation quick turn around the proposal.
  • AES being MMS expert is always beneficial and win orders otherwise due to MMS engineering challenges, Solar EPC companies & Installers always challenged with MMS design for each new types of customer specifications.
  • AES ability to quickly evaluate the feasibility, layouts, wind load resistance, its costs, etc.,
  • Our innovative mounting systems for Trapezoidal sheet metal roofs the and corrugated cement sheet roofs ensures without compromising on durability or robustness of the systems
  • Arnish Engineering is an innovative, high quality design and simulation of solar mounting systems about 50 MW of Solar Modules have been mounted using these systems.
  • Arnish Engineering design for the mounting systems are quick, innovative, reliable, affordable solution are well appreciated and implemented across the industry

AES MMS Design and applications

Arnish Engineering experts design and simulate a wide range of Solar Mounting Systems to support solar Modules of any type and brand around the world.

Procurement Life Cycle

  • Slanting Roof Top
    • Cement- Corrugated Roof Sheets
    • Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Roof Sheets
    • Corrugated Sheet Metal Roof Sheets
  • Flat Roof Top
    • Concrete Roof
    • Sandwich Panel Roof
    • Elevated Type, Terrace space saving
  • Ground Top – Fixed Type
    • Fixed Foundations
    • Screw Foundations
    • Elevated Type, Ground Space Saving.
  • PEB Solar Roof Sheds
    • Open Sided Ware houses
    • North Light Green houses
  • Building Integrated Photo Voltaic
    • Roof & Terrace Integrated
    • Façade Integrated
  • Single Axis Tracking & Dual Axis Tracking
  • Parking Lots